“Aesthetics – A set of Principles underlining the work of an artist or artistic movement.”


A E S T H E T I C S – This is all what I saw in the mini documentary film “Living with Leica” directed by Reid Bangert. This seven minute documentary features the beautiful streets of Rome as it follows the Danish Photographer Thorsten Von Overgaard on his journey of Photography.

“Photography as an art requires inspiration” Thorsten emphasises the fact that more than practice, one needs the right inspiration to go for the click. Many amateur photographers think their shots are not good enough and have the tendency to delete it right away. People give the excuse of their photo not set to the right colour or sometimes the photos are all out of focus. Thorsten expresses his idea of novelty. He justifies that all photos, good or bad, is always unique. No photo can possibly be the copy of another.

Like many documentaries, this documentary did have a three act structure. The documentary begins with Thorsten packing up and leaving for the days shoot. He sits down at a coffee house probably for lunch and wraps up by sunset with the beautiful shot of an old man playing an Hohnica. Though the film followed a traditional structure, I was still amazed by the montage sequence that ran throughout the entire film. It was the montage that kept me glued to the film.

The only only talking head in this film is Thorsten himself. Nevertheless, the film is full of ‘characters’ on the streets. These random people are actually the ones who Thorsten was interested to click. As earlier said, these characters occurred in the montage sequence. Hence there wasn’t any particular order in which they were introduced.

90 percent of the film was B-Roll. This inspired me a lot. As Thorsten talks, It’s its mostly cut to the montage which was visually appealing. Hence I believe, its the montage that created the magic in this film. The montage gave the story a life. It was basically a visualisation of what Thorsten would probably have in mind at every moment he is walking around Rome.

With the cut aways dominating the screen, the whole film looked as a metaphor of some sort of creativity. Most probably the “light we see in any object”, as what Thorsten says in the very beginning of the film. Hence I think this film is a expression, purely an opinion based concept that looks magical on screen. Moreover this film making aesthetic gave me the inspiration to mould my own documentary ‘Sailor Man’.


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