I initially did not believe in blogging. I thought blogging was definitely going to be a  waste of time. But as I started blogging, I felt something flare up inside me. As I kept writing, I did not want to stop. I was finally able to went out whatever I felt inside me. It also made me more conscious about my pros and cons.

Ever since, I considered this blogging platform as a powerful medium for me to create an identity for who I am. Identity in this case doesn’t mean my personal details and what I do. What it means is what kind of person I am and how differently I do my stuff. Moreover, this blog is also a personal record for me as I keep venturing into my desired field. No matter how much I succeed in the far future, I still want to remember my humble beginnings. I could always look back at what I had reflected years and years ago. Looking back at my past would be one of the most happiest moments of my life. 

Blogging is like literature. There is no right or wrong answers as long as I am able to justify my case. Now this is the part I enjoy the most in my field too. When I was doing engineering, there were only facts and terminologies around me. I never wanted to learn how to solve a derivation. I always wanted to create theories of my own.

Well in this trimester, I have been constantly blogging about my progress. To reflect on my own blogs, I would say I still need to provide more examples of real life experience in order elaborate on the main subject. Sometimes, I am able to feel it but not express it. This is not because I have a communication problem, it is because I am totally new to my experiences in this field for me to give a clear explanation of what happened.

Though being a visual person myself, I really lacked providing visual elements for my readers. A picture says a thousand words. I have been knowing this fact for a very long time and yet, I still  didn’t come up with even one picture! Damn! Just because I was able to visualise whatever I wrote, I thought the same for my readers. Thanks to Heidi for pointing that out. If not for her, I would have continued blogging with only text forever! How boring would that be. Hence from my next post onwards you will be seeing visual elements everywhere until you are totally fed up of it… haha  just kidding…


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