As I was developing my plot from scratch, I had a issue going on in my mind. I was confused whether the plot should drive the sound effect or the sound effect should drive the plot. Moreover, that was my first time, I was doing such a small short film with a duration of only 3 minutes. I even wondered if it was possible to convey a story in such a short span time.

Having all the odds set in front of me, it took me more time to come up with a plot. I then realised that smaller the concept, the harder it is to work around to come up with a suitable storyline. Hence after a big session of brain storming, I came up with the concept of “temptation”. Something I believed would work well with foley. In my story, The plot initially drives the sound effect while climax is conveyed by foley.

My next issue was casting. I either had to use a professional to act or I should work hard to get the right acting from an amateur. Due to a lot of time constraint, I decided to cast whoever was in my reach at that moment of time. Hence I decided to cast my cousin and my friend who are really passionate about films (just like me).

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 8.59.58 pm

Before the shoot, we had a little rehearsal where I had to act to them the whole scene and asked them to follow whatever I did. My actors struggled a little initially and once they got into the right mood, they just became great on set. I was really happy with the footage. In fact it came out better than what I expected.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 8.58.48 pm

In terms of production design, I used very simple but appropriate things on screen. I was actually glad that my story itself had a decent requirement of props. When it came to continuity, I didn’t struggle too much (except for one incident I have mentioned below). I am not saying I am a genius, but I am experienced enough in this area. In fact this sound project was my fifth short film as a director or cinematographer. Hence I knew what exactly I would be looking for during the edit.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 8.59.34 pm

With regards to lighting and camera, I believe I have done a decent job. It was not the brightest day when I was shooting. Hence I was extra cautious to not have any grains on screen. With two LED lights placed 45 degrees to the elevation of the two respective characters, I had to constantly adjust my ISO and shutter speed as we were slowly loosing the sun. If you watch towards the end of the film, you would realise the windows were blacked out. To be honest, I really hated myself on that day.

I wish I had started to shoot earlier to catch up with the exterior light. Such a simple event spoiled my mood. Yet I feel it is a good learning curve for me. I realised I had to plan extensively even for such a small project. On the the whole, I actually had lots of fun doing the whole thing. If time hadn’t bothered me I would have recorded more bloopers. No matter how much I go through to complete a project, I am always delighted when I have my final product ready! 


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