1 minute 1 shot – TREATMENT


by Nishanth R Desingh


Logline : A little boy finds his toys been messed up, and prepares to find a resolution.

Concept : There is a Super Hero hidden inside every child.



After a long day at school, Yash rides his bicycle all the way back to his home. He parks his bicycle inside the garage and walks into his house feeling tired. Reaching the family room, he dumps his school bag on the couch. Feeling a moment of relief from his heavy school bag, he walks towards his room. As he is about to take a turn into his room, he pauses for a tiny moment, probably ‘sensing’ something strange from the room on the other end. Hence he cautiously walks towards the other room and opens the door softly. Yash is agitated to see his toy room being totally messed up with toys spread all over the floor. Couldn’t bear it, he feels the urge to find out who did this. Yash strips the top two buttons on his uniform shirt. He now finally reveals the superman logo hidden beneath his shirt, and then… “BOING!”.



“Boing Hero” deals with the concept of Super Hero and child fantasies. In general, people  fantasise if the reality isn’t good enough to entertain them. Hence, the so called ‘dream world’ is parasite in many people. This behaviour is also constantly seen in children all around the world. As of this film, the road to home, home and his bicycle contributes to the drab reality of the ten year old Yash. When he senses something wrong and has a bad situation, he jumps into a conclusion that only a Super Hero or a person with super powers can solve any problem in the world. Hence in order to solve his problem (to clear the mess in his room), he tries to turn into a Super Hero himself. As a child this might be amusing. But what happens if he grows up into an adult assuming that it would always take someone else to solve each and every problem he would ever face in life? Children should believe in the fact that nothing is impossible for ‘humans’.

Looking at the sound point of view, the films starts and goes on until the last shot with a serious soundtrack. During this period, the film progresses in the child’s notion. The film switches to the audiences’ notion only when we hear the ‘boing’ sound. This sound is initiated to bring the audience out of the child’s fantasy, eventually to reality.


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