Who am I as a Filmmaker

I had always been having the fascination for films since my childhood days. Being brought up in a country having the largest film industry in the world (in terms of the number of films produced per year), cinema was our only escape from reality from our day to day lives. You can hardly find people who don’t go to the cinemas.

There is one difference between the western society and mine. The westerners decide what they want to become and go after that. Whereas in my society, you first become an ‘Engineer’ or a ‘Doctor’, and ‘then’ you decide to do what you want to become! So here I am, a graduated ‘unemployable’ Engineer, who did not even bother to attend the convocation and flew straight down to SAE right after my last class of Engineering. Engineering has become cliche in my society.

The reason I said I was an unemployable graduate was because, I hardly concentrated on my academics. My only focus was towards filmmaking. As I said earlier, I am fascinated with the art of filmmaking. But there was one particular night in my life when my fascination turned into passion. My cousin insisted on taking me to the Dark Knight Rises. I usually never agree with the concept of Super Heroes. But my ideology completely changed within the three hours of watching the film.

I experienced something that I had never felt in my life before. It was a ‘kick’. Something attacked my psyche. Even today I am not exactly able to describe how I felt on that day. All I could confess is that my mind opened up to a different dimension of film art. It was only then I became more aware of Christopher Nolan and simultaneously watched every other film of his. I totally became an addict to his films. I now wanted to get the ‘kick’ more often.

Unfortunately, Nolan comes up with a film only once in two years. I didn’t have the patience with me either. Hence I started to mimic the Nolan’s notion of story telling and came up with my own concepts and ideas. I concentrated on socio-psychological concepts with regards to my society. For example, I always wished my peers had a different notion when concerning love and relationships. Hence I did a couple of short films that embraces the values of the above keeping in mind the ‘Nolan’s’ approach of story telling.

Surprisingly, it worked to a reasonable extent. My second short film I made has got more than 13000 organic views on the youtube. Though the quality of making was very moderate. People still gave me the feedback that they liked the concept and screenplay. This drove me more passionate towards filmmaking. I started to meet a lot of people working in the industry. Made new friends and further assisted in another short film project for a television contest.

Hence right from the start I was more focused on the production side, particularly Direction. Screenplay and Cinematography were my second interest. But at the same time I grew more hungry for knowledge in every other aspects of filmmaking to at least a reasonable extent. Finally at one point in time I decided to have a formal education in this field.

Now that is why I ended up in Australia. So far this place has been successful for me. I have gained a few contacts here through which I even started to freelance all kinds of filming, ranging from event videos to sporting videos. Though I feel the industry here is much smaller compared to that in my place, The quality of education here is excellent. I always prefer quality over quantity. Sometimes this becomes a disadvantage for me when it comes to assignments. Whenever my tutor Heidi gives us a deadline I am not able keep up with it. This has been my problem right from the beginning. I always want excellent stories but nothing gets in my mind quick.

Overcoming all odds gives us success. I hope with more practice and dedication I can resolve my problem. As a matter of fact, I am supposed to be doing my Short film treatment for the elevation pitch right now. As usual I got stuck and ran out of ideas. Hence I decided to reflect on myself and here I am, writing my blog in order to went out my feelings… 

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 My highest viewed Short Film (Tamil)



2 thoughts on “Who am I as a Filmmaker

  1. Thanks for sharing! It’s great to know a bit more about you. Deadlines are great things! It forces the ideas to come quicker. The more you work with it, the better you’ll become. Congrats on the views! Now we just need to get people to watch your short productions too right!


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