Sound Project – Treatment


Producer / Director / Cinematographer / Editor / Production Design

DURATION: 2-3 minutes

Concept: Sound drives the Plot

BURP is a short film set in the middle of the day where three cousins are having a small meal on the dinning table. Nish serves little Yash a bowl of cereal with hot milk. Unhappy with his meal, Yash stirs his bowl reluctantly. Meanwhile Vish arrives at the dinning table with a packet of crackers. Feeling tempted, Yash stares at the crackers. Realising this, Vish pushes the cereal bowl more closer to Yash and also turns away moving the crackers further from Yash’s reach. Now Nish arrives again at the dinning table with a plate of freshly toasted omelet! Yash and Vish look in disbelief jealousy. As Nish is about to take his first bite, his mobile rings and he subsequently leaves to his bedroom, shutting the door behind him. Coming back from his bedroom, Nish finds his plate empty. Yash and Vish look busy eating their own meal. Yash burps. Convinced that Yash had eaten his omelette, Nish slaps Yash’s head. Vish watches his poor cousin and gives a sinister smile. Out of a sudden, Vish also burps. Nish slams the dinning table with his fist and Yash gives the same sinister smile back to Vish. — SLAP!!

The Production Design will include a living room with a wooden dinning table and chairs. Porcelain utensils and steel cutlery will be used to enhance the sound effect. Filming will be done in the late afternoon with necessary lighting. Foley sound effects will be used throughout the film. These Sound effects will be obtained from the available stock over the internet.
Filming will be done in Canon 600D. Though it would be a single camera set up, multiple lenses including 18-35 mm wide angle lens and 55-300 mm tele lens will be used for different shots. Red Rocket mini dolly set up will also be used for the establishing shots. Post-production and colour grading will be done on avid.


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