David Hagerty – Government Perspective

This week’s video was about the industry from the government’s perspective. David Hagerty is the managing Director of CADRE, the company that provides various online educational training for a wide range of people.

David had given a brief of his own experience working with a government or an ASX client. The higher the standard of the client, the higher the expectation set for us to deliver. This becomes more complicated in terms of who and why we want to have them on board our project as a team member. He quotes the example of how much reasoning and paper work we would have to provide even for hiring a particular sound engineer. This shows the complexity that surrounds such a high end project. More than how confident we as the creators are about delivering the project, the clients turn out to be more precautious.

On the other hand David talks about the payment policies of these high end clients. It is actually quite disappointing to know that we do not get any advance prior to the project. In this case we should be able to resource our own funding initially. Moreover if we were to be newcomers, such a big funding would be impossible, leaving us with no chance of doing such projects. But I feel this is the right way from the consumers’ point of view. Today everyone wants quality. You cannot afford to compensate on the best outcome you would possibly get, especially in such a competitive world. On the other hand this would also motivate creators like me to work our best to reach the top.


One thought on “David Hagerty – Government Perspective

  1. interestingly said. It is disappointing and complex for us newcomers in regards to larger funding especially in an ever-expanding industry. I think the work is only going to become more difficult as more people enter the industry sadly enough. But that’s the way it goes I guess, competition.


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