Austin Wintory – Interview for SAE

Austin Wintory 

Austin Wintory is an American musician who has composed for films and video games. His interview to SAE was simply mind opening, especially for an aspiring creative industry student like me. If I was to venture into feature films one day as director, I realized that having only the skills of filmmaking is not sufficient. Austin has given a brief insight of what it takes to be a successful person in the industry.

I remember this quote “Anyone can direct, only a few can inspire”. For all these days I had not really thought much about what the quote really meant. Austin refers it as the entrepreneurs’ time. Today in the creative industry, people who choose to go on their own path rather than following an existing path tend succeed greater. I strongly believe as creators, regardless of being a musician, filmmaker, designer or an animator, we need to become trend setters, and not trend followers. This completely summarizes the above quote I mentioned above.

Creating a musical score or making a film is not one man’s work as we all know. Austin explains the advantages of working with different specialists to do the same project. For instance, as a director one can also know how cinematograph. But the difference is about how these two specialists look at the same work. A director might look at a shot in terms of the story progression. On the other hand, a cinematographer would look at the same shot in the angle of framing and composition. When we talk about different elements of a project like for example a film, it requires different technicians to perform the respective tasks in order to achieve the best outcome.

On the whole, Austin completes by saying that every obstacle we face in the industry is a learning curve from which we learn how not to do our work. We then gain the confidence and skill to employ new concepts and methods to get the outcome. What I understood finally was that, more than mastering our subject and passion; we also need to learn how to live our lives as creative industry person.


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